Kratom Capsules Review: Best kratom Capsules Revealed

For some reason, I’ve found there’s a bit of a fear about using kratom capsules. A lot of people wonder what the kratom capsules dosage first time out should be, and how that compares to dosing kratom powder. It’s simple questions like that which people surprisingly struggle to get answers for.

So what I’m going to do here is tell you all about finding the best kratom capsules, the sort of dosage you should be using, and information on storage and even making them yourself.

Plus, I’m going to do a brief kratom capsules review of each of the three top kratom vendors out there right now who sell kratom that is rich in alkaloids in capsules. All three of these are kratom capsule sellers that I’ve used myself and the only three I would recommend.

Why Buy Kratom In capsules?

 Kratom capsules are brilliant for three main reasons. The three benefits of kratom capsules are:

  1. If you’re new to kratom then dealing with loose powder can be a pain. You have to weigh it, and then you have to go through the problem of consuming it. Kratom powder tastes bitter and can make some people nauseous. By using capsules, you don’t have to deal with the powder or the taste.
  2. Kratom capsules allow you to dose precisely, without weighing equipment. Each capsule is almost universally 500 mg. So if you want to dose 5 g of kratom (about the lowest full-spectrum dose I would recommend) then you take 10 capsules, it’s that simple.
  3. Kratom capsules are discreet. A lot of people dose kratom for pain relief or dealing with conditions like anxiety and depression. So although they don’t need high doses, they may need multiple doses throughout the day, usually a high dose in the morning, and then a top-up maybe once or twice during the day. You can do this with capsules at work with someone right in front of you, and they won’t think anything of it. I did that regularly for a couple of years at work, and it was great to relieve the pain without having to rush off to the restroom feeling like a drug addict.

How To Store & Use Kratom Capsules

Storing kratom capsules is really easy, far simpler than loose powder. They might come in a plastic medicine capsule container, which is brilliant because you just tighten up the lid and it’s airtight. Or they could come in a pouch, but these will often be resealable, still making an airtight seal.

Because capsules are already airtight, it keeps the kratom fresher for far longer. Just make sure they are out of sunlight, and away from heat, to store them in a cool dark place. If you do this, they can retain their potency for a year or longer, far longer than powder.

One important point though, make sure that they are out of reach of children. Capsules are far more appealing than kratom powder, which smells and tastes the bad, so it’s only ever capsules that they might be tempted to play with.

In terms of how to use the best kratom capsules, it’s simply a case of taking the right number of capsules. Take them with water, because there is no taste to worry about.

Another good bit of advice though is to always take kratom on an empty stomach. Don’t eat for a couple of hours before, preferably longer. Kratom effects can be diminished if your stomach is full because the whole dose doesn’t get processed at once.

This is even more important with kratom capsules because of the delay in processing the kratom as the capsules themselves have to dissolve in the stomach acid before the kratom is processed.

Kratom capsules vs powder

Kratom Capsules Dosage First Time Experiences

So what sort of kratom capsules dosage first time should you use? For me, it’s about looking at the dose of pure kratom you need

It doesn’t really matter what sort of kratom it is, if it’s standard, high-quality, red white or green kratom, then the dosage range will be similar, it is just the effects that start to diverge as the dose increases.

I found that anything below about 5 g of high-quality kratom tends to just be stimulating, but some people will feel very little if the dose is that low.

But around that 5 g mark, you’ll start to feel significant effects, the full spectrum of kratom effects will start to kick in. So my advice first time is to take eight capsules, 4 g. Wait 90 minutes, and if you’re still not feeling much, take another 2 g, another four capsules.

Alternatively, just like the normal kratom, go for 5 g straight away, but just make sure you have space and time to yourself the first time you take kratom because it can be a little overwhelming if they do fully kick in.

Why Not Just Make Your Own Best Kratom Capsules?

It’s not that difficult to make your own best kratom capsules. You could just buy high-quality loose powder and then make it into capsules. That way you’ll get the best kratom caps because it’s a high-quality powder that is tailored to what you need.

Anyone can do it, you just need a little machine that you can buy sites like Amazon and eBay, and a good quality micro scale.

But the problem is the time it takes. Even a good quality capsule machine takes time to master, and because they are manual (unless you spend a lot of money), you can only make one, or maybe a few at a time.

So the process is that you have to measure out the kratom, or if you don’t want to bother with measuring it, you have to make sure that each half the capsule is filled up completely (but that is potentially going to give you a higher dose than you realize), then use the machine to fit the two halves together. That will take quite a lot of time.

Think about this way, if you average two minutes per capsule, look at an average dose. 5 g of kratom is 10 capsules, that 20 minutes per dose to make. So if you are using kratom three times a week, that’s an hour you’ve got to spend messing around making capsules. And that’s being optimistic, and talking about a really moderate dose.

making kratom capsules

How To Buy Kratom Capsules Online

So the easiest thing to do is to buy kratom capsules online. That way you know you are getting the best kratom capsules in terms of the kratom inside and the manufacturing processes.

Buying kratom in capsules is no different to buying kratom in loose powder, you need to look for the following signs that the kratom and the kratom vendor are high-quality:

  • The price of loose powder and capsules won’t be cheap
  • Will offer a moneyback guarantee
  • The kratom powder inside the capsule will be rich and bitter
  • Kratom capsule powder will smell earthy
  • The vendor will batch test the kratom alkaloid content and publish those results
  • They will have a wide range of kratom for sale or be highly specialized

But to make this really easy for you guys, the people who sell the best loose kratom powder also sell the best kratom capsules, because by default they just fill up the capsules with a powder that they buy-in.

That narrows it down a lot though. To find people who sell high-quality kratom powder, all the guarantees around that, and who also supply kratom capsules, knocks that list down to a very few specialized sellers.

It can be a tough job to find out who the best kratom capsule sellers are. It took me nearly 2 years of experimentation, including learning about kratom effects generally.

Kratom Capsules Review: Top 3 Sellers

So let’s finish this guide to kratom capsules by giving you a detailed kratom capsules review each of the top three sellers I’ve ever found.

Don’t just take my word for it, look at these guys online, the feedback is better than anyone else. They don’t have many bad user reviews, and they tick all the boxes I talked about in terms of product and company quality.

These reviews of kratom capsules aren’t in any particular order. They are all high-quality and recommended. You could just try one company and then try another one. I can’t recommend the different types of kratom to you specifically, because I don’t know your needs. All I can talk about is my experiences with the capsules I bought.

  1. Tropic Health Club

Tropic health club should be top of everyone’s list of kratom capsules because they offer one of the best kratom capsules on the market

This company does things slightly differently. They are aimed at the health market, meaning that the kratom is for pain and energy needs, and is kept simple because of the market they aim at. So they actually only offer two kratom products, both in capsule form.

They offer a red blend, and a green blend, both basically Maeng Da (which is a blended kratom, not a strain).

The green blend is fantastic, it’s as close to Green Malay as you can get without actually buying it, and I suspect that that’s the base they use. It’s definitely high in alkaloids because you’ll start to feel the effects around the 6-8 capsule mark, especially in terms of an energy boost and calmness kicking in (which is the beauty of green kratom, energy with calmness).

So don’t be put off by the fact there are only two choices. If you’re looking for an easy entry point into trying kratom in capsule form, then just go for one or the other, and order them. You can even set up a monthly rebilling option if you want to.

kratom capsule reviews

  1. Coastline Kratom

If this review was about powder they would be number one. However, I can’t put Coastline Kratom on top of the list of best kratom capsules because although they sell the best kratom powder, they don’t sell all the kratom in capsule form as well.

However, that situation is improving and since my last order three months ago, I’m seeing several types of high-quality powder I’ve used before that’s now excitingly available in capsule form.

Capsule prices are slightly higher than the equivalent powder versus capsule prices of, but you are getting a higher quality powder overall.

If you’re looking for a significant energy boost in terms of physical and cognitive abilities, then I would recommend 3 g of White Maeng Da. That dose is lower than my magic 5 g spot usually, but this is genuine strong kratom packaged up as “Maeng Da” so you don’t need such a high dose.

coastline kratom capsules


Third, on my list of easy recommendations in finding the best kratom capsules without any effort is

It should be on everyone’s list of kratom capsules because they offer one of the best kratom capsules on the market. I know their website looks awful, but the product they sell is of high quality. Ten different types of kratom available both in loose powder and capsule form. If you’re looking for something new try the gold or yellow vein kratom capsules.

A really strange experience, like a green kratom, but with more warmth and for me, the effects last significantly longer. They even do a capsule variety pack. This allows you a great entry point, in terms of price. You can select any three 50 capsule packs from their range, then check out for a 15% discount.

If I want kratom capsules, especially unusual ones when I’m feeling adventurous, these are the people I go to. They’ve never let me down, and when I pulled the capsules apart to investigate, I found rich, earthy kratom that’s exactly the same as the loose powder they sell.

kratom capsules