Best Kratom Strains For Energy And Mood Revealed

In it might surprise you to know that millions of people are using kratom for energy and mood boost every day. It’s becoming more common, and it’s something I’ve used for five years now. In this piece, I’m going to tell you what the best kratom strains for energy and mood boosts are.

In terms of mood, kratom can really help with anxiety and depression and lift you enough to function. Dose doesn’t have to be high to deal with anxiety and depression, but good quality kratom can really help.

Plus, I’m going to also talk to about how kratom can help with energy, even up to the point of getting you high, because the best kratom for euphoria can really produce a smooth, rush, that’s euphoric and can send you off into orbit, help you on a night out, or just get your way from the horrors of your life for a few hours.

How Kratom Creates Energy And Improves Mood

Kratom contains 120 different alkaloids, most of them are stimulants, which is why at lower doses kratom is all good for mood and energy boost. You’ll feel sharper, both mentally and physically, more positive, happier, ready to go, ready to get out and do stuff when you might not because you are depressed.

But also, it can improve your mood by calming you down, which is great for anxiety, when you are feeling out of control.

But kratom does this in different ways. There are three different vein colors, red, green, and white. I’ll tell you about the vein colors and effects in a moment, but how kratom interacts with your energy levels and mood will differ between the vein colors

So what you have here is a stimulant that also interacts with the opioid receptors, which can lower physical pain, boost happiness, and at high doses, kratom delivers a rush of positivity that is euphoric, out-of-control, basically a high, with varying degrees of calmness.

best kratom for euphoria

Kratom Vein Colors Explained

Kratom comes in three colors of the vein, red, green, and white. Each has a different alkaloid profile which is created both from the color of the leaf and it’s growing, and also crucially, through how the leaves are dried (in the dark, in sunlight, or under UV light).

Any kratom at a low dose (usually 5 g or less) can increase your energy levels because the overriding alkaloids are stimulants like coffee. As the dose increases, the effects of the three different types of diverging because the two main alkaloids (mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine) become dominant:

  1. Green kratom is the most balanced. You’ll feel some calmness, feel chilled out, and you’ll get physical pain relief. But you also get a significant increase in mood, cognitive energy, and physical energy.
  2. White kratom is the most aggressive in terms of energy. It contains most of the alkaloid alongside the stimulant alkaloids which is predominantly about a strong boost in physical and mental energy, and at high doses it’s overwhelming. You won’t get a lot of calm from white kratom though, but it can make you feel happy and positive.
  3. Red kratom at higher doses is on the opposite end of the spectrum to white kratom. The energy will start to drop off, replaced by an overwhelming sense of calm and physical pain relief. You’ll feel chilled out to the point you want to drop out and do nothing. So it’s great for dealing with anxiety and helping you to feel blissfully happy without that mental and physical energy boost.

So as you can see, we are talking about white and green kratom as the predominant vein colors The best kratom for energy and mood is mostly going to be white and green kratom, although moderate doses of red can still improve your mood and your energy levels, but the higher the dose, the more that tips over into sedation which isn’t great for physical and mental functioning.

Which Kratom Is Best For Energy Boosts?

Now we’ve worked out the best kratom for energy and mood is white or green, let’s talk you through the specific strains of kratom which are best for achieving these results.

I’ll be honest here, in my experience all kratom strains are pretty similar. White kratom is white kratom, yes there are subtle variations, but these can vary between strain, but also between batch. It’s all about the alkaloid profile and how you react to it.

The quality of the kratom is far more important than the strain. But, that’s not the whole story and I found great success with White Borneo above all other white strains for energy boosts, especially around 5 g mark.

Green Malay, and Green Thai are the best green strains I found for energy boosts that also calm you down and it didn’t chill me out so much I didn’t want to do anything. You will find at higher doses of green kratom has the ability to do this, where white kratom won’t.

Best Kratom For Energy

Best Kratom Strains For Energy

Low doses of any kratom can improve your mood if you want a physical and mental energy boost, which can make you feel much happier and positive.

But the mood is more complex than energy. For example, anxiety is a bad mood, which will be cured by white kratom, because that can make you feel even more anxious. Red kratom or green kratom is better for that.

Conversely, depression is another mood disorder that red kratom, especially at higher doses will struggle to help because you will feel calm and chilled out, you’ll feel happier, but you won’t get anything done, because it will add to the depressive state of your body and mind. You’ll feel great, but you’ll sit around and achieve nothing which will make you feel bad again So white kratom or green kratom will be better for getting you out of the doldrums and energizing you.

For generally feeling blue, at low doses, any kratom will help. But if it’s serious, then the rush of energy and happiness that white and green kratom can bring without dumbing you down can be really beneficial.

Again, any green strain will do, Green Malay, Green Borneo, any of the popular strains will work, it’s a case of trying them all to see which works best for you.

White kratom again, pretty much any type. The dosage of kratom is far more important than the actual strain, but some will work better for you and it’s a case of trial and error. Borneo, Bali, try them all.

Maeng Da kratom is a slight exception to this. It’s not a strain of kratom at all, it’s not natural. It’s a blend of different types of kratom to make a stronger dose. But that’s not always the case, and unscrupulous kratom sellers just label up anything as Maeng Da sell it at a higher price.

It could also be a single kratom that’s just stronger in that batch. So it could be Red Bali, but because it’s stronger than usual, they label it up and Red Maeng Da.

You could find Maeng Da is a stronger version of red, green, or white, or it could be blended red and white for example, which will give it the traits of red that with far more energy. So be careful with this blend of kratom.

Dosing Kratom For Energy And Mood

As I said, dosing kratom for energy and mood is actually more vital than the strain of kratom, as long as it’s a really rich and pure kratom that is high in alkaloids.

Dosing for energy and mood is slightly different though.

As you’ve seen, any kratom can boost energy levels, so it’s not the case of which kratom is best for energy, but more about the dose being low. At 5 g or less of pretty much, any kratom will give you a significant physical and mental energy boost. Above 5 g, white kratom, and then Green kratom is definitely the way to go.

In terms of mood, it’s far more complex. You can boost your mood with red kratom, and if you are anxious, strong doses of red kratom can really chill you out completely. Strong doses are definitely above 5 g, and for some people 8 g or higher.

If it’s depression and lethargy in your mood, if you feel blue and you just want to get up and actually function, then white kratom is the way to go, as long as it doesn’t trigger anxiety and jittery feelings. 5 g, up to about 8 g of pure kratom will definitely trigger an incredible rush of positivity in your mood. Green kratom is the middle ground, but again, whether you want to boost the depressive or anxious state, calm yourself down or lift yourself up, you’re talking around that 5-8 grams mark.

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Does Kratom Get You High?

People often ask the question: does kratom get you high? The truth is that it can. It’s not going to be an incredible rush like narcotics, it doesn’t block or alter chemical processes in the way that they do.

However, it is a partial opioid receptor agonist, and at high doses triggers all of the main opioid receptors in the body. That’s why high doses of kratom can deliver incredible experiences and massive pain relief.

So yes, kratom does get you high. But it’s a different type of high depending on the dose and color of kratom you take. Red kratom at very high doses will deliver an opiate-like high, like heroin or a high dose of opiate prescription medication.

A smooth initial rush of energy that gently flows down into a deep calm, sedation, and analgesia, that allows you to drift for hours. But it won’t help with energy physically or mentally, you will drift, but you will feel amazing.

White kratom is billed much more like an upper, like MDMA, like cocaine. You’ll get an incredible initial rush, that gives you a massive boost in mood, physical energy, a euphoric high.

That will drift down, but not into the same deep calm you on red kratom, you will still get the strong energy boost, that will eventually just tip over into feeling very tired.

Green kratom is in the middle. You’ll get a rush of energy, but you also get a deep calm and you will on white kratom. The best experience I’ve ever had was 15 g of Green Malay. It was like MDMA, it was incredible.

Best Kratom For Euphoria

So if you want a clean rush, a true euphoric high with no calmness, then a classic white kratom strain is the way to go, Borneo, Bali, or even one of the lesser-known ones like white Horned kratom, I’ve had great experiences with all of them.

White Maeng Da, or any white kratom extract or ultra enhanced kratom will also deliver an incredible euphoric rush. Just be careful when using these more potent types of white kratom because if you go for the same dose, 10 g or more, you could get trouble.

My best experience was with White Borneo, I think it was around 8-10 g. It was a night out, a club night, and it was incredible. I felt positive, energized, I just didn’t want to stop, I was talkative, lucid, an incredible time.

best kratom for euphoria

Dosing Kratom For Euphoria

Dosing kratom for euphoria is obviously going to be a high-dose. We are talking about 10 g or higher, as long as the kratom is pure.

Ultra enhanced kratom, kratom extracts, or truly potent Maeng Da, you’re looking significantly less. For Maeng Da, maybe a gram less, to grams potentially, the normal kratom. For ultra enhanced and kratom extracts, half the dose, or even less.

So the euphoric dose of kratom is 10 g or higher, for some people 15 g. It’s at the sort of doses that you will feel a genuine euphoric rush.

It’s not easy to take that sort of dose though. That’s a lot of capsules (10 g is 20×500 mg capsules), and a lot of loose powder. Those sorts of doses I’d recommend you mix it in with fruit juice or milkshake to create a thick sweet paste that at least disguises the taste and powdery nature of kratom.

Buying Kratom To help With Energy And Mood

So I hope this quick guide to the best kratom for energy and mood, and the best kratom for euphoria has been helpful to you. To re-cap, white and green kratom are best for boosting your physical energy and mood, but red kratom at lower doses can also do this while keeping you productive.

If you’ve been wondering if kratom gets you high, then we’ve also now covered the best kratom for euphoria, again, it’s whites and greens if you want energy and enthusiasm, it’s reds if you’re looking to chill out and let the world washing over you.

So when you buy kratom has it got a high alkaloid profile at a good price? Well, I’m going to conclude this piece by giving you 4 kratom vendors I use personally to get my kratom.

Each has something slightly different to offer, which is why I have stuck with them, and why am recommending them to you as the places to begin your kratom journey with.

  1. Coastline Kratom

If you’re looking for an established company that has possibly the best quality kratom powder imported directly from Southeast Asia, then Coastline Kratom is definitely a great starting point.

They used to only sell kratom powder, but recently they’ve started putting it all into capsules well, although it is more expensive than buying capsules from PurKratom. The quality really is superb though. If I had to recommend one thing from Coastline Kratom it would be White Borneo. White Borneo kratom powder is absolutely classic, and the smooth euphoric rush that you will get with 10 g of this stuff is almost unrivaled

They also sell the most potent White Maeng Da, genuinely stronger white kratom. Just 8 g of that give you a fantastic rush that can last up to 6 hours. But they go one step better by having ultra enhanced Red Maeng Da as well. Not great for energy, but 5 g of that will send you into the most euphoric high you will ever experience.

green malay

  1. TheEvergreentree

This company is perfect if you want kratom capsules. 27 different types of kratom in capsule form. This means you can experiment easily, and without worrying about the taste of kratom either.

They also offer the same 27 different types of kratom in powder form. In terms of the variety of kratom, they offer there is not another company out there that rivals the wide range.

For me, using whites and greens from them was superb, including my favorite Green Malay, and also for the incredible energetic rush, White Sumatra kratom. They also do a trial pack of capsules that contains three different sorts, white, green, red of your choice. That’s a great entry point, although it’s problematic to take so many capsules.

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  1. Tropic Health Club

Aimed at the health market, these guys are slightly different. They only offer blended kratom, a White Maeng Da, and a green blend (basically a Maeng Da, even though they don’t state that).

You can only buy this really strong blend of kratom in capsule form, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience and potency then they are the great starting point for your kratom journey.

For me, one of the best kratom for energy and mood products I’ve ever found in the Tropic Health Club green blend. It’s like a Green Malay, my favorite green kratom, and if you’d like a euphoric rush, just take 20 capsules (10 g), and then report back to me on the incredible day you have!

tropic healthclub

  1. BuyKratom

I’m always surprised these guys aren’t more spoken about. They don’t sell capsules, but they do sell a wide range of incredible kratom powder. All the main types plus some of the lesser-known ones.

The kratom powder is exceptional quality. If I had to pick out one I’ve used to recommend, I would tell you about Green Borneo. Just like the white, at high doses, it’s a smooth euphoric rush, and at lower doses, it delivers energy boosts, alongside cognitive benefits and a brilliant increase in positivity and mood.

What I really want to talk about with these guys though is that they do the best range of variety packs. If you want to experiment with all the different types of kratom, for a low price you can get seven different types of green, white, or red kratom, with each pouch of 15 g.

So it’s not the best powder you will get, Coastline Kratom is probably better, and they don’t do capsules, but as a starting point, they could be a brilliant way of getting into experimenting with finding the best kratom for energy and mood that works for you.