Best Kratom Strains For Pain Management And Opiate Withdrawal

Kratom is exceptionally good at dealing with pain, both physical pain and emotional pain. This makes it perfect for a range of physical conditions and also using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms as well. So finding the best kratom for pain could really help transform things for you.

In this quick guide, I’m going to talk about my personal experience with using kratom to deal with pain relief. I’ll be honest, in the past, I’ve had a few addiction problems with opiate medication and that’s where kratom came into my life.

Once I was over those issues, I also in recent times have had to use kratom for physical pain, so determining which kratom is best for pain is slightly more complex than it might appear on the surface, which is the purpose of me writing this quick guide to help people.

So let’s get right down to it, and tell you everything you need to know about finding and using the best kratom for pain, including the exact strains that I found worked best for both physical pains, emotional pain, and the combined issues around the opiate withdrawal.

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How Kratom Deals With Pain

Kratom is still being researched, and surprisingly little is known about its composition It’s not known exactly how many active ingredients are in it, but so far dozens have been found. Most of them are stimulants, which is hardly surprising as kratom is a member of the coffee family.

So at low doses, kratom is mostly a stimulant. This can be great for dealing with emotional pain like depression, and also a lack of energy from physical and mental symptoms.

As the dose increases, the two main compounds become dominant: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Mitragynine is a stimulant and is the dominant compound in white kratom. So white kratom isn’t good for dealing with emotional pain, or physical pain symptoms, but it’s brilliant for stimulation and focus. 7-hydroxymitragynine is dominant in red and green kratom, which is why they are far better for dealing with pain symptoms, making red and green the best kratom for pain in most circumstances.

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are both partial agonists of the mu-opioid receptors in the body, and at high doses also the delta and kappa opioid receptors.

The opioid receptors deal with emotional rewards. This is why over-stimulation through using opiate drugs (including medication morphine) can cause dependency.

The opioid receptors are also potent in dealing with physical pain. They can be activated externally using things like morphine and heroin, which is why morphine is still the most potent pain reliever available.

So for all these reasons, kratom is exceptional for not only helping to treat physical pain but also helping to mimic the physical and emotional effects of using opiates but without the same level of addictive properties.

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My Experience With The Pain Kratom Confronts

So for me, initially my problem was about pain relief. I had crushed vertebrae which cause incredible pain. Because I became addicted to opiate painkillers, I then looked around for an alternative, and found more and more about kratom that suggested it could be an answer.

I started with red kratom, predominantly Red Bali, but also Red and Green Malay. I used Green Malay when I wanted a little more energy during the day but still with some pain relief.

Overall, kratom delivered fantastic pain-relieving experience:

  • A feeling of calmness
  • Feeling of confidence
  • Not worrying about things
  • Feeling cognitively sharper
  • At lower doses able to perform better physically and mentally
  • At higher doses complete pain relief
  • Feeling of bliss and happiness at higher doses

So kratom really helped me to deal with physical pain. Almost completely removing it at a moderate dose, usually around four or five grams early in the day, and then topping up with another couple of grams in the afternoon. If I was suffering at night, I’d take another 2-3 grams.

Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

But more than that, I found I was actually using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms. I wasn’t using opiates to get high, but I had become addicted to opiate medication for pain relief, and as a byproduct, the feeling of being spaced out, detached, carefree.

Kratom helped to replace opiate medication. Not only did that deal with the pain just as effectively as the medication, but it also addressed my increasingly obvious opiate addiction.

So look, kratom is very good for opiate withdrawal symptoms, and I’m now one of the thousands who recognize that using kratom for opiate withdrawal is totally legitimate and relatively low risk.

For me, it was Red Maeng Da I gravitated towards when it became obvious I was suffering from opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Maeng Da isn’t actually a strain of kratom. It’s not like Bali or Borneo. It’s a blended kratom that is stronger than normal. It literally means “pimp grade”, and if you get the real stuff, it’s a blend of red (or green, or white kratom) that’s far stronger than standard powder. Basically, they say “This is a strong batch”, and they label that up as Maeng Da.

But because of its strength, I found it was perfect in moderate doses for dealing with the main symptoms of physical pain and opiate withdrawal I was suffering.

I found I was much calmer, much less panicky. I wasn’t anxious at all. I felt chilled out and calm. I still felt lucid, energetic mentally, but stable emotionally.

The physical pain in my back all but disappeared under all but the most stressful motion. On top of that, I didn’t get the physical withdrawal symptoms, muscle aches, and shivers, that I did when I stopped taking opiates for any length of time.

kratom for opiate withdrawal

Getting High Using Kratom

You can definitely get high using kratom. If you use white kratom then it’s an incredible rush, a very clean high that makes you feel incredibly energetic mentally and physically, a bit out of control, very wired.

Green kratom will leave you somewhat energized, but with a lot of calmness and pain relief, especially at very high doses. Green Malay is great for this.

One green I will mention is the blended green kratom capsules from Tropic Health Club. I’ve only used these once, but they are very much like the loose Green Malay powder from Coastline Kratom. I believe it is a Green Malay because it’s so similar.

You get a smooth, rich high with a large dose, but you also keep energy and mental focus as well. Capsules are brilliant as well because you can get the exact dose you want, top-up when you need, and you don’t have to deal with loose powder.

Coastline Kratom also sells loose capsules, so you have plenty of options if you want to experiment with getting high using kratom, but you will want to carefully control it.

But however you do it, you will need a high-dose. We are talking a dose usually 10 g or higher to reach that euphoric rush. For some people, it can be much higher, up to 15 g, but if you are using pure kratom then most people on an empty stomach will get that euphoric opiate-like rush at around 10 g.

If you’re looking for the best kratom strain for an opiate high, then red kratom is definitely the way to go. I will mention some specific strains of red kratom in a moment, but you’re still looking at the same sort of high dose, whatever vein color of kratom you use.

Please note, that there are different types of kratom high experience. White will give you a powerful, energetic, euphoric rush, with very little pain relief or opiate-like experience, more akin to cocaine and opiates. Green will give you a more balanced but less intense experience, while red is the closest to an opiate-like high you will get.

Best Kratom Strain For Opiate High

Kratom can definitely mimic an opiate high. As I said, to be honest, to achieve this you are talking mostly about red kratom. Red Bali is definitely a great strain, I get mine from Coastline Kratom because it’s pure and incredibly rich.

But again, any red will really do, and Coastline Kratom also sells Red Vein Horned kratom. Better than that, they sell Ultra Enhanced Horned kratom, which is very potent, so absolutely brilliant for an opiate-like high, without taking a ridiculously high dose in grams.

The rush you will experience on red kratom is very similar to that of opiates like morphine, heroin, and a lot of high doses of morphine medication. There is an initial rush of happiness, followed by a slow drift down into detachment, where you don’t have a care in the world, and physical pain is completely absent.

Best Kratom For Opiate High

Using Maeng Da Kratom For Pain

I’ll talk to you now about using Maeng Da kratom for pain specifically. As I’ve only told you, it’s not a specific type of kratom, it’s a blend of kratom which delivers a stronger white, green, or red experience.

In terms of using it as the best kratom for pain, you’re looking at using red Maeng Da. That’s the case if you’re looking to deal with physical pain or opiate withdrawal symptoms.

So for me, the best kratom for pain overall is generally red Maeng Da, it’s potent, smooth, and can deal with physical and emotional symptoms.

You can buy classic capsules from Tropic Health Club, TheEvergreentree and from Coastline Kratom. Coastline Kratom also sells the same pure Red Maeng Da in loose powder form as well.

To deal with the physical pain you’re looking at a moderate dose of between four and eight grams. That will be strong enough to deal with the pain, but still, allow you to function during the day.

If it’s opiate withdrawal symptoms you are looking to deal with, then you will be looking at a higher dose. But it again will depend on whether you’re using kratom for opiate withdrawal, or for an opiate high to replace that rush.

The dose is important, and as I said, below 10 g it will deal with physical pain and deliver an incredible calmness. Above 10 g that’s when the rush will really kick in, and the best kratom strain for opiate high experiences for me is around 10-12g of Red Maeng Da.

I have only used it a couple of times because it’s very expensive, but Coastline Kratom also sells Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da. This is incredibly potent stuff. Ultra enhanced kratom is created by boiling down several more times in the volume of leaves that are used to create standard kratom resin.

Usually, kratom is simply dried kratom leaves that are then powdered. With ultra enhanced, more leaves are dried, then boiled down to create a dense resin that is then powdered.

So you are getting a far more intense experience, the density of alkaloids in this kratom is significantly higher. Where you would need 10 g of Red Maeng Da kratom to get an opiate high, with Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da, you could take as little as 3 g.

red maeng da kratom for pain

Best Strains For Withdrawal Symptoms

So we’ve talked about using kratom for physical pain, and for getting high. But what about the best strains for dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Although I’ve talked about opiate withdrawal symptoms, because that’s what I’ve had experience with, it could also be alcohol withdrawal or other types of drugs.

You’re basically looking to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms, emotional ones, and to replace the freeing experience that using whatever it is you are taking delivery.

Kratom does all this with a lower risk of addiction, and addresses everything in a unified way, physical pain, emotional pain, and delivering a pleasant experience. In terms of specific strains, we are talking about red kratom predominantly.

White kratom is far too energizing, it will actually make you more anxious which would be a disaster if you are suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

You’re looking for kratom which calms you down, takes the stress away, and leaves you free from pain symptoms, while at higher doses delivering a pleasant release.

Green kratom can actually be really good for this. I’ve already mentioned are Tropic Health Club sells very good Green Malay capsules. But Coastline Kratom also sells really fantastic Green Borneo kratom that is very similar in effects, and great value as well.

Green kratom will be a great middle-ground for dealing with withdrawal symptoms. It will calm you down, ease the physical pain, make you feel happy, bliss you out, but it still retains enough of the alkaloid that’s dominant in white kratom to keep you focused and energized unless you take a very high dose.

We’ve already talked about Red Maeng Da is a very potent red kratom experience, but some people do find it too energizing This is particularly the case because it’s blended, so it can sometimes be mixed with white kratom rather than purely red strong kratom.

So alternatives are definitely Red Bali and Red Borneo. Both are classically produced red kratom strains, which at low doses will give you energy and calmness, a medium dose will deliver significant pain relief and calm, and at high doses will get you high and take away all the physical pain.

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Tapering Down & Staying In Control

One thing I was very conscious of when I replaced opiate medications with kratom was I had to have an exit strategy. I didn’t want to replace one poison with another.

So tapering down and being very alert and aware of what I was taking was key to my strategy. I knew I would be starting with higher doses of the best kratom for pain, especially as I wanted to experiment with the effects, and yet I wanted to get really high to see how it felt.

I always had a strategy to taper down to the minimum I need it once I understood how it worked. I found that within a month I was down from around 10 g per day to half that. Some days a little more, sometimes less.

Some of it will depend on your physical pain symptoms, whether it’s emotional pain, and how addicted to opiates you are, or alcohol, whatever, but as long as you are supported and alert to the dose you are taking then it can be a brilliant strategy.

But one crucial thing is that you have to use pure kratom. Otherwise, you don’t really know what dose you are taking, because you could be taking far more than you need. Also, the results will be more variable with poor quality kratom, making it more difficult to stay in control.

That’s why I’ve only mentioned in this guide to buy the best kratom for pain from three sources so far, Tropic Health Club, TheEvergreentree and Coastline Kratom. They sell pure kratom, which gives you the best control dose each time, with regulated effects between batches, and you don’t have to worry about that worrying variability problem.

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Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Pain

So look, I hope this guide to the best kratom for pain has been helpful. Using kratom for opiate withdrawal is potentially huge and underestimated at the moment. There is a huge opiate medication timebomb waiting to go off, and kratom for me is definitely a safe alternative that you can taper off opiates from very safely.

For me, I have to say that overall Red Maeng Da in moderate doses, around 4-8 grams worked best for me on a daily basis. Tapering down was important, so it was vital to get the strongest possible responses as quickly as possible each day.

I bought it from Coastline Kratom, but more recently I have tried the Tropic Health Club red kratom capsules, and they are equally as good.

Coastline Kratom is the number one kratom retailer in the USA. They import directly from the source, and that means a lot in terms of the quality of the kratom they sell.

On top of that, each batch is independently lab tested, the results are published, and the purity is guaranteed. You also get a moneyback guarantee on that kratom arriving in superb condition and being a perfect experience.

If you want to just get started with using kratom for pain, opiate withdrawal symptoms, or even just experiencing the best kratom strain for and opiate high, then Tropic Health Club could be the way to go. The Red Maeng Da capsules are best for opiate withdrawal symptoms and the high, and if you want to retain clarity and drive to go to work, the Green Malay capsules will be the way to go.

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