Top 4 Best Kratom Vendors Reviewed

When looking at experimenting with kratom, one of the big questions will always be about who sells the best kratom, because none of us wants to buy poor quality products for anything, especially if we are experimenting with something which affects our mind and body, and could have great benefits. But how do you define and find the best kratom vendors?

In this guide, I’m going to talk you through the traits of high-quality kratom so you can spot them. We will also talk you through how to spot the best places to buy kratom online, signs to watch out for that show they provide high-quality products.

As well as all that, I’ll tell you where not to buy kratom, and some other things to watch out for to make sure you don’t get caught out. Plus, I’m going to do four kratom vendor reviews, so you can see where I buy my kratom, and why I made the decisions on using those sellers.

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Not All Kratom Is The Same

 The big mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to buying kratom initially is that they assume that kratom is all the same.

I don’t mean that they think red, green, or white kratom is the same, because it’s not (although the similarities between them are more than some poor quality review sites tell you). What I mean is that they assume that kratom is kratom. The quality is always the same, and even if it’s a little poor in quality, it will still be fine to get a good experience from.

100% pure kratom will give you the following effects at a moderate dose (around 5-7 g):

  • An increase in physical energy
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • A feeling of happiness and calmness
  • Pain relief (far more with red and green kratom)
  • Better ability to sleep
  • Helps deal with anxiety and depression

but you won’t get hardly any of that if the kratom is rubbish. So let’s now discuss how you can spot 100% pure kratom, or as close as possible.

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How To Spot Who Sells The Best Kratom

So unless you can get as close to purity is you can, then you will have problems. Poor quality kratom will have very little effect on you. I’ll talk to you more about my own personal experiences with bad kratom later.

Kratom has to be harvested and dried properly to create the right blend of alkaloids for the red, green, and white kratom leaf vein colors, with the subtle variations that the strains under these three vein colors produce.

It then has to be stored properly, exported properly, stored properly on arrival, and then packaged up to preserve it for you.

Kratom that is exposed to air, light, or moisture will deteriorate in quality quite rapidly. Within about six months it will have lost nearly all its potency, basically, the alkaloids deteriorate and vanish.

So to spot kratom that is going to be in a brilliant condition when you buy it, you’re looking at kratom for sale that has the following traits:

  • Has an established import route
  • Is imported directly to the vendor (not bought from some third-party importer)
  • Is lab-tested independently to check the quality before selling
  • Lab tests are published on the website or easily available
  • The kratom is air and light packaged (preferably in foil or plastic-lined paper)
  • Fresh kratom will smell earthy
  • The kratom will be rich and bitter, not powdery

Put all that together and you’ve got the perfect fresh kratom that will give you an incredible experience at a moderate dose. Let me reiterate about dosage, at around 5 g you should be feeling the full spectrum of effects, not overwhelmingly, but they should be there.

If you have taken 5 g of kratom and not felt much, then you haven’t got pure kratom, or it’s been so badly stored that its potency has been greatly diminished, or even worse it’s been mixed in with other ground herbs to make it go further.

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Where Not To buy Kratom

When I first experimented with kratom I bought it locally. Let me tell you, my experience is that it’s definitely not the best place to find kratom for sale.

It’s only available in little independent stores, smoke shops, gas stations, places like that. None of them are reputable, none of them have a clue about kratom. They just buying generic kratom from God knows where and sell it at the highest price they can.

You’ll often see on shelves in direct sunlight for weeks and months on end. It’s really overpriced, and it’s the worst possible way of buying kratom.

When I first tried kratom, it wasn’t even a strain or a vein color, it was just a generic “kratom” product from a gas station on the way to a party many years ago. I took a lot through the evening and apart from feeling a bit warm and slightly happier, nothing else happened.

I was so underwhelmed I didn’t bother with kratom for years until I saw an advert on the site I was on at the time and clicked through out of curiosity.

My first experience with proper kratom, freshly harvested, dried, imported kratom that is perfectly produced, was incredible. It was 5 g of Red Borneo, which I took all at once because I didn’t think it would do much. But the next few hours I was in an incredibly rich and rewarding place mentally, but with more physical and emotional energy than I usually have.

Where To Buy Kratom Locally

What’s The Best Place To Buy Kratom Online?

So what’s the best place to buy kratom online? I’ve only told you what the quality of the kratom should be like, but obviously you can’t work out if it fits that checklist until you actually bought it and tried it.

So let me just give you a brief idea of how I defined, through trial and error over about 18 months, how to spot a good kratom vendor from what they say on their website:

  • Lab tests the purity of the kratom they import and this is an independent testing
  • Lab purity reports are either published on the website or available on request
  • There is a comprehensive help section
  • The website looks professional
  • Prices are good in comparison to other sites but not notably cheaper
  • With kratom you will find more expensive is usually better
  • They will have a moneyback guarantee
  • Most will offer free shipping rather than trying to claw even more money off you
  • They will be easily contactable and responsive

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Watch Out For Fake Kratom Vendor Reviews

Before I tell you what the top four best kratom vendors I’ve ever found are, let me tell you about fake kratom vendor reviews.

These will often be generic. They will be in poor English because they are often written by people who are not native English speakers, often from Indian writing farms.

The kratom vendor reviews will be lengthy but will be very generic, showing no personal knowledge about the stuff, and with very generic positive statements in there. They will talk endlessly about the different strains, telling you that each one has a significant difference to all the others, which isn’t true.

If it’s a short fake review on places like YouTube or Facebook, you can usually spot them a mile off because of the way they are written and because they are just stupidly positive.

Take reviews like that with a pinch of salt, kratom vendor reviews should be personal and demonstrate some knowledge of what is being talked about. Read my four best kratom vendor reviews below and see for yourself.

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Top 4 Best Kratom Vendors For Purity & Price

So let’s unveil the best kratom vendors for you. Over 18 months of trial and error these are the four web stores who sell the best kratom I have found, from 10 that I tested.

These aren’t in order, although I have numbered them one through four. But they each offer something different. But what they all have in common is the purity of the kratom and the quality of the service they provide.

Anyone of these will do is a great starting point for your kratom journey. Try them all in turn and see which one you feel is importing the best quality kratom.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is a name you will see everywhere if you are looking into buying kratom online. They are like a “Who’s Who” of where to buy kratom online, because of the quality they sell. They were one of the first retailers to put quality into the kratom marketplace online, where previously it had been populated by some really dubious, awful quality kratom sellers.

Coastline Kratom definitely takes pride in what they sell, and they are knowledgeable as well.

Surprisingly, they don’t actually have the widest variety kratom for sale, there are a few strains that they don’t sell. But they do sell the three major ones: Bali, Horned, and Malay. As Maeng Da is a blend, not a strain, I haven’t included it, but they sell that as well.

The reason for this is that a lot of the kratom that is labeled up as from different regions is actually the same. Indo and Borneo are often sold as separate strains. But Borneo is co-owned by Malaysia and Indonesia. So Borneo kratom is the same as Indo kratom, which is the same as Malaysian kratom. So selling Malay kratom is actually more honest than trying to sell the same kratom as three different things.

The quality is superb. I always buy my green Malay powder from them, because it’s rich and offers a truly warm experience. Likewise, I always buy my White Borneo from them, because of the pure, clean, white kratom kick it produces.

They now also offer most of the kratom they sell in capsule form, which was not the case a few months ago. Kratom capsules are far more efficient to dose and take, and last longer. But they do cost more money.

Coastline Kratom offers a 100% moneyback guarantee, and free shipping in the USA. They really are one of the premier and most reputable kratom importers around today.

green malay

  1. TheEvergreentree

Second, on the list of best kratom vendors I’ve ever found is TheEvergreentree. Their kratom powder is very high-quality and high purity. It’s not necessary just about the purity, it’s also about the alkaloid content, the balance, and the overall alkaloids that give the kratom its quality and richness.

TheEvergreentree does sell fantastic quality kratom powder though, and it is slightly cheaper than the powder available from Coastline Kratom.

But what sets them apart, what gives them a fantastically unique position when it comes to deciding where to buy kratom online is the fact that they sell a comprehensive range of kratom capsules. Every powder they sell, 22 different types, is also available in powder form, for a very affordable price, not as high as a lot of sellers sell capsules for in relation to loose powder prices.

Every major type is available, including some unusual types you can’t get many other places like Hulu Kapua kratom and Elephant kratom. Try their Red Vietnamese capsules if you want a real red kratom kick with high energy, you really will find the ride incredible.

Let me be clear, if you are getting started with kratom, capsules could be the way to go if you want an easy route in. You don’t have to deal with the bitter taste of kratom, you don’t have to weigh it, you don’t have to find a way to get that loose powder down your throat. You just dose the right amount of capsules. Sure you’ll be paying a bit more, but the convenience is awesome and you can move on to powder when you want.

So TheEvergreentree is a brilliant choice for good quality loose powder and incredibly convenient kratom capsules. They offer a moneyback guarantee, and you get free shipping throughout the USA.

gold maeng da kratom capsules

  1. Tropic Health Club

The third people on my list of best kratom vendors are slightly unusual compared to the others. That’s because they don’t sell a wide range of kratom, they are aimed at the pain relief market instead of the general kratom consumption market.

So they only sell kratom capsules, and these are blended, not specific strains. So you will get green, red, and (soon) white blended kratom capsules.

Although aimed at pain relief, the green kratom in my experience it definitely a Green Malay blend mainly. It’s a classic green kratom packed in powerful capsule form. It’s the same with the red, which is a Maeng Da blend (all Maeng Da is a blend, it’s not a strain of kratom).

The kratom is definitely good quality, and at around 5 g (10 capsules), that sweet spot, you will get very strong kratom effects. But even at lower doses kratom produces significant increases in cognitive and physical energy, and can help with pain relief.

So you’re getting good quality kratom in convenient powder form. The price is higher because of the capsules. But you do get free shipping in the USA, a moneyback guarantee, and there’s even a monthly rebilling option if you would like to just get fresh stock without having to go through the hassle of ordering every time.

  1. BuyKratom

In the fourth spot on my list of where to buy kratom online is BuyKratom. Don’t mistake this as being the fourth best, because these guys are awesome. They aren’t as well-known as Coastline Kratom or TheEvergreentree, but the quality of the kratom they import is just as good, almost as good if not as good at times as that from Coastline Kratom.

They sell loose powder for a great price, and they also sell kratom extracts, but not capsules.

What I love about these guys is the quality of their comprehensive trial packs, sample packs, that they offer. You get small pouches of each type of kratom, white, green, red, for a great price. This allows a beginner to try each type to see what works best for them without a large initial outlay of buying a big bag of each type.

They do a standard variety pack which contains green, white, and red strains. But they also do a green variety pack, a red one, and a white one. Even better than that, they do a kratom extract variety pack as well. It really is a brilliant idea and I’m not sure why other kratom vendors don’t do it.

As one of the best kratom vendors you will find in the USA, they offer free shipping, a moneyback guarantee, and they also lab test the kratom they import as well.

Anyone of these top four kratom vendors will do, the kratom for sale that they have is exceptional quality, far above anyone else on the list of 10 that I have tried since I began seriously using kratom again.