How To Use Sure Jell To Pass A Drug Test

If you’re looking for a way to get cannabis out of your system fast to pass a drug test, then you will probably have come across the Certo drug test method.

However, the problem is that the Certo drug test instructions out there are usually pretty hazy. So what I’m doing here is put them all together from my own research to give you the typical way that this method is used.

But more than that, I’m going to tell you if it’s scientifically possible to use fruit pectin to pass a drug test, basically, does Certo work to pass a drug test, or is it all rubbish?

Plus, I’ll tell you about a few other home remedies and their chance of working, and I’ll give you a couple of alternative strategies to pass a drug test, should you decide that the Certo drug test method doesn’t sound too convincing.

How The Sure Jell Drug Test Method Works

So to tell you how the Certo drug test method works, I’m going to have to tell you about the science behind it. Is there a shred of evidence that this can do what is claimed, basically to flush out drug toxins from your body leaving you clean to submit a valid sample?

The first let me explain what this stuff is. Certo, just like Sure Jell, is a brand of fruit pectin. Fruit pectin is a fiber derived from fruit. It’s very concentrated, and so is an incredibly rich source of fiber

The science says that fiber passes through the body without being digested, and passes out through the bowels. It also creates a high amount of bile, which helps to pass the fiber out more smoothly and rapidly.

Cannabis metabolites attach to fat cells in the body, they are fat-soluble and bind to fat. So by taking in a lot of fiber, you accelerate the speed at which these metabolites can exit the body.

So the Certo drug test method is based on this idea that cannabis metabolites will more readily bind to the increased fat and bile being drawn out the bowels by this huge rush of fiber

On top of that, you’re going to be drinking a lot of water, which helps to flush out your urine as well. The result of all this should be that your urine sample will be clean, both because a lot of the metabolites have been headed off at the pass by the fiber, and also because the rest have been flushed out by water.

Certo to pass a drug test

Certo Drug Test Instructions

Whichever website you read, you will see a slightly different set of Certo drug test instructions.

What I’ve done is to look at dozens of different sites claiming that this is the way to do it, and put them together to create the most obvious and popular way of doing this.

So the Certo drug test instructions are:

  1. Mix up the fruit pectin (Sure Jell, Certo, or any other brand) with a 32 fluid ounce bottle of Gatorade, or another type of energy drink. Some people claim the energy drink help to speed up your metabolism, others that the carbonation and sugar help, and some others claim that this helps to flood your bladder with creatinine, a waste product of creatine.
  2. Drink this mixture over about 15 minutes, and make sure you don’t throw it back up.
  3. In the two hours after you’ve done this, you will need to then drink up to 1 gallon of water. As close to a gallon as you can physically manage.
  4. During this time make sure that you urinate as frequently as possible, and also try to have at least one bowel movement as well.
  5. You should do all that in the 3-4 hours before you have a drug test. Just before you leave to submit your sample, about an hour before you will submit it, take a couple of vitamin B tablets. These can color your urine, which will be diluted so much that it will be almost clear otherwise.

Certo drug test instructions

Does Certo Work To Pass A Drug Test?

So as you can see, the Sure Jell/Certo detox is basically a masking strategy. You’re not really getting rid of all the toxins, you’re drawing as many away from your urine as possible, and flushing out the rest from your urine with water. But it only lasts for a few hours, before toxins start leaking into your urine stream again.

But to answer the question around does Certo work to pass a drug test, you have to look at the science. Sure, everything I said at the start around how to use Sure Jell to pass a drug test is valid. Fruit pectin really does all that.

But the problem is that only 60% of cannabis metabolites exit through the bowel on average. So you are still dealing with 40% of the original metabolites, which are going to exit through your urine.

So it doesn’t matter how much fruit pectin you take in, you’ve still got 40% to deal with. And the only other part of the Certo drug test method is to use water to flush those out.

Let me tell you, that the volume of water is going to leave your urine almost completely devoid of anything. Sure, you can put in the vitamin B be to color it, but imagine what happens when they check your sample to see if it’s valid. It won’t contain the right balance of the substances it should.

You’re basically going to get rejected for having a diluted sample, regardless of how effective the fruit pectin has been.

So the bottom line here is that the Certo drug test method will not work for many. You might get away with it if you’ve got really low toxin exposure, but other than that, you are going to fail.

Plus, it’s only going to work your cannabis smoker. If you have smoked, but you also did a line of coke in the past couple of days, you’re still going to fail because of most other drug metabolites of water-soluble rather than fat-soluble.

Do Any Home Remedies Work For Drug Tests?

 The Certo sure jell method is a “home remedy” way to pass a drug test.

There are several of these home remedy methods out there, all claiming to get rid of drug metabolites, stuff like:

The problem with every single one is that there is no scientific evidence at all that they work. Nothing in them helps to flush out drug toxins more quickly than just drinking water.

All of them, and just drinking water, as you now know, will dilute your sample, leaving it free from the essential things that are always found in human urine. Plus, the specific gravity and pH range will be altered, again, flagging it as potentially adulterated.

cranberryjuice drug test

Here’s What Works To Pass A Drug Test – Every Time

So look, if you’ve got nothing else available and you’ve literally only got weed metabolites in your body, then the Sure Jell drug test method is better than nothing.

It will definitely lower the amount of drug toxins in your body, giving you a better chance of passing a drug test. If by some miracle your sample doesn’t go through close scrutiny, even though it’s going to massively diluted, you might get away with it.

But for me, why the hell would you take that risk when for $55 you can buy a professional detox drink that will definitely get rid of all drug toxins?

The three detox drinks I’ve used and tested are Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean, and Ultra Eliminex.

detox drinks for weed

What these detox drinks do is to flood your body with a liquid, the same as with water. This flushes out your bladder, replacing it with clean urine. It will be diluted, but this is where the detox drinks are smart.

A detox drink also floods your body with things found in urine, vitamins, minerals. These are taking in at such volume that some are passed through to the urine as a waste product. Plus, creatinine is always in urine, because it’s a waste product of creatine.

So the detox drink contains vitamins (including vitamin B to color your urine), minerals, and creatine which will be quickly converted into creatinine.

The net result of all that is that you will have urine that’s completely devoid of drug toxins, within the right pH range, the right specific gravity range, that looks like urine and contains the stuff urine should.

But it’s only a masking agent. After 2-5 hours (depending on how high the metabolite volume is in your body), toxins will again leak their way back into your urine stream as they are eradicated from the body. So you have a small window of opportunity, but you will definitely pass during it.

I’ll also just mention using fake pee for a drug test is an alternative strategy. That way, you’re not even messing around with your urine at all.

Clear Choice Sub Solution is high-quality synthetic urine that contains everything that real urine does. As long as you submit it within the correct temperature range (and as long as the drug test is unsupervised which most are so you don’t get spotted), then you’re certain to pass.

You can purchase Sub Solution and other detox products from this company.

Synthetic urine

But please, don’t rely on the Sure Jell method to pass a drug test because it doesn’t work, and unless you are literally desperate, with 48 hours notice you can get your hands on a bottle of high-quality detox drink instead.