The Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method In Detail

The cranberry juice drug test method is reputed to be one of the easiest ways that you can pass a lab-grade urine sample drug test. The cranberry juice method is meant to be simple, quick, and work a treat. But how true is that?

Well, I’m going to tell you whether drinking cranberry juice before a drug test will help you pass one or not. I’ll tell you about the method you need to use, what the results are likely to be, and whether it’s a method that real or myth.

I’ll also tell you about a couple of alternative strategies you can use to pass a drug test that may be worth considering instead of using cranberry juice.

Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method Instructions

The cranberry juice drug test method instructions are amongst the most straightforward you will find anywhere in a guide to passing a urine sample drug test.

Before you start you should ensure you stop taking drugs for as long before your test date as possible,  At least 48 hours, but preferably far longer, is recommended.

  1. Step one is simply to get your hands on a large quantity of cranberry juice. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or long life. Around 2 L (about half a gallon) is enough.
  2. Step two is to drink all that cranberry juice over the space of an hour. This is going to be difficult enough, and you’ll feel a bit sick. You can drink some additional water, but not too much.
  3. Step three is to urinate as frequently as possible during, and after, you’ve drunk the cranberry juice. Make sure that you urinate at least three times in the hour afterward.

You should then be in theory be free from drug toxins reappearing in your urine for a few hours.

The Theory Behind Drinking Cranberry Juice Before A Drug Test

The first part of the theory is that by drinking a large quantity of any type of liquid you will flush out the contents of your bladder. The sudden rush of liquid into the body will mean that all existing urine will be flushed out.

So for a short time, before fresh drug toxins are processed by the body and reappear in your urine, you will have urine that’s clean of drug toxins. However, because you flushed it out with a non-specialist liquid, it will be diluted, and not contain the correct balance of natural chemicals. This will be easily spotted by the validity checks a lab does.

The second part of the theory behind drinking cranberry juice before a drug test is that it makes you urinate more frequently. This is true as well. Cranberry juice is a diuretic, in common with many other liquids, especially things like tea.

Cranberry juice also contains a natural ingredient that can help to line the urinary tract and protect against infection, which is why it’s used as a solution for urinary tract infections.

Cranberry Juice drug test instructions

Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test?

So putting all that together: does cranberry juice help pass a drug test?

Now you have read the exact cranberry juice drug test method, and seen how it can interact with your bladder, I hope you will conclude as I have that it cannot work.

There is nothing in cranberry juice that specifically targets drug toxins. In fact, there is nothing available that can specifically get rid of drug toxins in your body.

Any liquid can flush out your urine, keeping it clean of pretty much everything until your bladder fills up and balance is restored. But unfortunately, over time, usually within a few hours, this will also mean existing drug metabolites work their way through your kidneys and appear in your urine stream again.

The bottom line here is that if you drink a large quantity of cranberry juice to pass a drug test, then your sample will probably be rejected as having been tampered with.

Do Home Remedies Work?

Cranberry juice is just one of many home remedies that people suggest can help you to pass a drug test. Although some of them can help to a certain degree, they all suffer from the inherent problem that they will leave your sample testing as unnatural.

In order to pass a drug test, you should forget the cranberry juice drug test method and instead look at one of two better strategies for passing: using synthetic urine, or alternatively using professional cleansing drinks.

Best Strategy: Synthetic Urine

 Far better than any strategy, and definitely better than using cranberry juice before a drug test, is submitting a synthetic urine sample.

High-Quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution or if you are more on a budget Quick Fix will pass a basic pre-employment drug test easily. In fact, Sub Solution is so complex that it will pass any level of scrutiny.

You don’t need to worry about flushing out your urine or maintaining your balance. As long as the sample is within the correct temperature range for human urine, then it’s pretty much guaranteed to pass. Sub Solution is expensive, one bottle costs $80, but quality comes with a price.

best synthetic urine brands

Good Alternative: Detox Drinks

If you don’t fancy submitting a fake sample because you haven’t got the stomach to smuggle it in, or it’s a supervised test where you will be observed, then a good alternative is to use a professional-quality detox drink.

A detox drink works on a similar premise to the cranberry juice drug test method, but with a key difference.

Your body will be hit with a concentration of liquid that fills your bladder and allows you to urinate out all of the existing toxins.

But crucially, it also contains nutrients and chemicals that need to be found in real human urine. For example, a good quality detox drink will contain creatine. This hit of creatine will be processed by the kidneys and then be found in the bladder as a waste product called creatinine.

It’s the same with many other vitamins and nutrients found in urine. Because the detox drink is so concentrated it blasts the body, and some of those are passed through unprocessed as waste into the bladder, keeping your urine stream natural.

The best detox drinks to use are Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, and Mega Clean.

best detox drinks

So even if you don’t want to try and smuggle in a fake sample, then a high-quality detox drink will be far better than trying to pass by drinking cranberry juice before your drug test.