Does Cream Of Tartar Help You Pass A Drug Test?

If you’re searching online for ways to pass a drug test then you will come across all sorts of crazy home remedies. In this guide, we’re going to talk about the cream of tartar drug test method, and answer the question: does cream of tartar help you pass a drug test?

I’m going to tell you what the exact method that people use with cream of tartar is, and explain why people tell you it will help you to pass a drug test.

Most home remedies are simply myths, but is the cream of tartar drug test method different?

The Cream Of Tartar Drug Test Method Explained

The cream of tartar drug test method is really straightforward as it only consists of two steps. First, you get yourself a large glass and fill it with water, around 16 ounces is recommended.

Second, you put in a couple of large tablespoons of cream of tartar, mix it up, and drink it.

After that, it’s simply a case of urinating a couple of times to get rid of the existing urine in your bladder and make sure that the fresh urine coming through is free of toxins (because you are flooding your bladder with liquid it will take time for the toxins being processed in your body to work their way into this fresh urine).

Then you have a few hours during which you should technically be free of drug toxins, making the cream of tartar drug test method easy, cheap, and a potential lifesaver.

Does Cream Of Tartar Work To Pass A Drug Test?

So as you might be vomiting on the cream of tartar very soon, you really need to know: does cream of tartar help you pass a drug test?

The answer that question is a straightforward no, unfortunately. Cream of tartar contains absolutely nothing that would flush out drug toxins or maintain the balance of your urine to appear natural.

Sure, the volume of liquid helps to flush out the urine and the toxins, but that will leave your sample diluted. There’s nothing in the cream of tartar which will fool the drug testing lab into not coming to that conclusion.

The only other reason people claim the cream of tartar drug test method works is because it’s highly acidic. The problem with that theory is our stomach acids are far more powerful and completely remove any acidity as it’s digested.

cream of tartar drug test

No Home Remedies Work

So no, cream of tartar doesn’t help you pass a drug test, it’s just yet another home remedy that will never work.

Things like the Certo Sure Jell method, drinking baking powder mixed with water, drinking various types of tea, drinking cranberry juice, none of these home remedies work.

They all based on lies, myths, or science that is not complete and then peddled on the internet to people who are desperate in terms of money or time.

Ways That You Can Pass A Drug Test

If you are facing a urine sample drug test, then you have three basic strategies that are pretty much guaranteed to work. Each of these cost money, but if it’s about getting a job, keeping a job, staying out on probation, insurance, whatever, then that money is well spent.

The first way you can pass a drug test that doesn’t involve a crazy home remedy like the cream of tartar method is to use a professional detox drink instead.

A professional detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, or Mega Clean will flush out your urine in the same way as the water you would drink with cream of tartar.

But more than that, they flood the body with things found in human urine. Because they flood the body, our liver and kidneys pass some of that through trying urine as a waste product, meaning that the fresh urine will test as natural at the lab and be toxin-free.

detox drinks for drug test

The second way is to do a natural detox and accelerate this with a detox pill.

It can take a couple of weeks to do a natural detox if you are a heavy user, but using Toxin Rid, a powerful detox pill, you can half this time. So if you have a week or more until your drug test, the absolute best way to get really clean is a natural detox accelerated by Toxin Rid.

And the third way to pass a drug test that doesn’t involve something crazy like gulping down cream of tartar sauce is to submit a fake sample.

High-Quality fake urine (recommended: Quick Luck) is incredibly complex in formula and will be in detectable as a fake sample. It also contains heat activator powder which means that you can raise the temperature to the right level in a matter of moments just before you submit your sample.