Does Monkey Whizz Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Monkey Whizz is a popular budget synthetic urine brand, firmly in the same category as one of the most reliable budget brands called Spectrum Labs Quick Fix. But does Monkey Whizz work? How good is it really, and how likely is it to fail?

In this quick Monkey Whizz review, you’re going to learn the answers to all the basic questions around what is, what’s in it, how to use it successfully, and what chance of Monkey Whizz failing there is.

I’ll also compare Monkey Whizz to Quick Fix, as well as benchmarking it against the premium brand on the market right now, Sub Solution, so you can make a great buying decision which gives you the best possible chance of passing a urine sample drug test.

What’s In The Monkey Whizz Kit?

Before I tell you what you get in the Monkey Whizz kit, I want to explain to you that Monkey Whizz is actually not the name of the urine at all. Monkey Whizz is actually the name of the incognito belt kit, which comes with the same synthetic urine as the other three products in the range.

The company who make these products, Serious Monkey Bizzness, use the same urine in all of their kits:

  • A basic powdered urine kit
  • Monkey Flask which is the same urine premixed with a heating pad
  • The Monkey Whizz belt with the same premixed urine
  • The Monkey Dong (prosthetic penis) with the same premixed urine

So when we talk about Monkey Whizz, we’re not actually talking about Monkey Whizz urine at all, it’s just a name that people have referred to all of this company’s products by.

I’m going to do this quick Monkey Whizz review on the classic Monkey Flask product, which is premixed urine and a heating pad. It’s a direct competitor of Quick Fix, a very popular brand that is also premixed and comes with a heating pad.

does monkey whizz work

How To Use The Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Kit

So because it comes with a heat pad and it’s premixed, it’s actually really easy to use the Monkey Whizz kit:

  1. Microwave the sample of premixed urine until it registers on the temperature strip. Get it as close to 100°F as possible without going above. If it goes above, you won’t get a reading, which is where people really overheat it. To do it in increments of about 10 seconds until you see a reading.
  2. Activate the heat pad and strap it to the sample. You can do this afterward, but I would probably activate the heat pad before I started microwaving the sample, to make sure that the pad is already warm, that way you don’t lose as much heat.
  3. Strap the sample to the heat pad and tuck it into your underwear. Then go and submit your sample. Just make sure that on the way in you check the temperature to make sure it still falls between 90°F 100°F.

Can Monkey Whizz Fail?

Can Monkey Whizz fail? Of course, it can, it’s not the most complex formula out there for a start.

It contains urea, uric acid, creatinine, it’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, and it looks like urine. It also doesn’t contain biocide, an artificial preservative that drug testing people check the presence of.

So it’s completely the same as Quick Fix both in its composition and performance. Both also use a heating pad which is generally reliable but can fail. But that’s only if you really unlucky, and as long as the heat pad it’s a steady heat, then for a few hours, it will keep the sample within the right temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F).

So when people talk about Monkey Whizz failing them, it’s either because the drug test they faced scrutinized the sample more than usual and detected that some of the things that should be in the sample were there, or the heat pad failed and they did nothing about raising the temperature again before submitting the sample.

My advice is always to make sure you check the sample just before you go in, and if it’s cooled, to find some hot water to pour over it, or take some with you. If you can do that, and as long as your sample doesn’t face intense scrutiny, then you stand a pretty damn good chance of passing a drug test. Monkey Whizz definitely works unless you are negligent or unlucky.

How to use monkey whizz

Monkey Whizz Review: Conclusion

So look guys, I know that was only a really quick Monkey Whizz review, but it does answer the key question around does Monkey Whizz work or not. But it is a basic formula, it contains just enough to pass a drug test, definitely a basic pre-employment one, but it may let you down if it faces more scrutiny.

Likewise, the heat pad is okay, but this is a cheap product, the monkey Flask only costs $39, so it could fail. Just make sure you have an alternative heat source in case you need it.

But for me, Sub Solution is still the brand I would recommend above Monkey Whizz or Quick Fix.

Sub Solution costs $80, so more than double the price of the Monkey Whizz/Flask kit. But it’s complexity is far higher, it contains 11 chemicals found in real urine rather than four.

It also doesn’t even use a heating pad, it uses heat activator powder. That means you don’t have to worry about heating up the sample in advance. Just before you go to the building where you are going to submit your sample, check the temperature and tap in a bit of heat activator powder. It will raise the temperature in about one minute. Doing that until it gets to around 100°F, by adding small increments of the heat activator powder.

So if you’re on a budget, or you just don’t care, or it’s all you can get your hands on, then Monkey Whizz works, as will Quick Fix, but if you’ve got time and money, get yourself some Sub Solution because it’s a far more certain way to pass a urine drug test using a fake sample..