Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review: Does Quick Fix Work?

The latest formula of Quick Fix is 6.2, so in this Quick Fix review, I want to tell you whether this long-established brand of synthetic urine still works.

It’s probably the third most purchased synthetic urine in the USA, and one of the most talked-about on relevant forums. So it’s popular, but does it work?

In this Quick Fix synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. I’ll give you the details about successfully using Quick Fix for a drug test, I’ll tell you the instructions for using it, I’ll tell you if it’s worked for me, and people I know.

In addition to all that, I’ll explain in detail what its ingredients are, and whether they are complex enough to pass a drug test every single time. Plus, I’ll give you a couple of alternatives, should you finish this review of Quick Fix skeptical that it will work for you.

What Is Quick Fix Urine?

Quick Fix 6.2 is the latest formula from Spectrum Labs. It’s been around for years and is one of the most popular brands of synthetic urine on the market.

If you’re going to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, you need to buy a brand that can achieve the following two crucial things:

  1. It has to have the means to allow you to submit the synthetic urine sample within the correct temperature range for real human urine. Human urine is always between 90°F and 100°F.
  2. The formula has to be complex enough to pass validity testing by the lab. But more than this, it has to look, smell, and froth like the real thing so it passes any visual inspection by the lab technician. If it doesn’t, they will be more suspicious and run a more detailed analysis.

When you get Quick Fix, you will receive a vial of premixed synthetic urine with a temperature strip on the side, and elastic band, and a heatpad. Not a lot, not very exciting, but it’s all you need.

My one suggestion is that you purchase Quick Fix Plus, which contains 3 oz of urine rather than the standard size which contains 2oz. this is because some labs ask for a minimum sample size that is greater than 2 fluid ounces.

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Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Urine Ingredients

So what’s in Quick Fix 6.2 urine? At the very least, any synthetic urine has to contain the following to pass a drug test:

  • Urea
  • Creatine
  • Correct specific gravity
  • Be within the correct pH range

I want to talk about uric acid separately. You will often be told that uric acid is essential in synthetic urine to pass a validity testing. However, many people claim that Quick Fix doesn’t contain uric acid, and that’s the reason it failed drug tests.

The problem is, in my research, it’s not actually clear that labs test for uric acid, at least not initially. The reason for this is uric acid is incredibly easy to get your hands on, and levels fluctuate wildly between people. So testing for its presence is irrelevant to first-line drug testing.

However, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be looked for if the sample was put under more scrutiny. But to rule Quick Fix out because you don’t think it contains uric acid is potentially a red herring. That’s if it doesn’t contain it because some analysis suggests it does.

I will also say that I’ve read a lot of papers online about urinalysis testing. In one paper more than 4000 recent samples were re-analyzed and it was found that more than a hundred were potentially fake samples that had passed.

Some of the samples didn’t have uric acid in them, some didn’t have any signatures of human urine at all, and some contained chemicals definitely not found in human urine. They all passed the tests, which shows that however detailed we think basic level urinalysis testing is, it’s not as advanced as we are led to believe.

Using Quick Fix For A Drug Test

So if you want to use Quick Fix for drug test success, it’s at least as good as most other brands out there, and I would say better. It’s still cheap, not the most complex formula, and definitely not the best brand on the market.

But for a low-level pre-employment drug test, Quick Fix will almost definitely be good enough to pass.

The key thing to using Quick Fix for a drug test is the temperature. That’s what you can affect most. If the temperature isn’t within the range that human urine exits the body, then it’s a complete fail, they won’t bother to analyze it further. It’s the first analysis that they do, and it’s the one you can influence.

So if you use Quick Fix, the key is to make sure that when you submit the sample that it’s within that magic 10°F range variance. You can do this by making sure the following happens:

  • You heat the sample to the correct temperature initially
  • You check the heatpad is warm before strapping it to the sample
  • Check the heatpad is omitting a constant heat
  • Strap the sample close to your body so that the heat keeps it close the right temperature
  • Always check the temperature before you enter the testing facility

My top tip, just in case things go wrong with the temperature, is to take a flask of boiling water with you. If the temperature has cooled, then simply pour some of the boiling water over it to raise the temperature. Nobody is going to look twice you if walk in with a flask in your bag.

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Quick Fix Review: Instructions

So Quick Fix should be good enough to pass a basic urinalysis test, as long as you submit it within the correct temperature range.

Instructions for using Quick Fix are:

  1. Microwave the sample in 10-second bursts until it stays within the correct temperature range on the temperature strip.
  2. Attach the previously activated heatpad to the sample container. You are given an elastic band to do this with, but I would personally use good quality duck tape to make sure there is no movement that could prove problematic.
  3. Check the temperature strip and then leave home to go to the lab. When you arrive, check again. If the temperature is too low, use hot water to increase it.

Does Quick Fix Work?

So look, the big question is does Quick Fix work to pass a drug test?

In my experience, the answer to that is yes. I’ve used it once for a live drug test, although it was two years ago. But looking at forums online, plus places like Twitter and Reddit, there are people I know are real who are saying they’ve passed tests with it.

However, it isn’t the most realistic-looking urine. I’ve found it has a slightly green look to it, rather than yellow. It also doesn’t smell, and it doesn’t produce foam unless you really shake it.

So it’s good enough, but it won’t pass close scrutiny. If you’ve got a basic pre-employment drug test that will cost the company who commissioned it about $40, then the lab are not going to care that much, but for anything more than that, and they will be more rigorous and you might get flagged for closer scrutiny.

Where To Buy Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

If you are wondering where to buy Quick Fix that’s trustworthy, I would suggest you buy Quick Fix 6.2+ (the larger 3 fluid ounce size) only from QuickFixSynthetic. That’s where I purchased mine, and I know other people have because it’s fresh stock and guaranteed.

Don’t buy it from eBay, or any other general marketplace, because it’s often old stock that’s out of date, or is completely fake.

You probably think it is crazy to fake synthetic urine only costs $40 to buy. But when it costs virtually nothing to get hold of the plastic bottles, colored water, very cheap heatpad, and then print the instruction leaflet and box design, you could produce a fake for about three dollars, that’s one hell of a profit margin.

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Synthetic Urine Alternatives To Quick Fix

So look, I want to finish this Quick Fix review by telling you that it probably will work, and it’s a good budget brand of synthetic urine.

It’s just complex enough to pass a basic drug test, but no more than that. It doesn’t look that realistic on close inspection, but most of the time you will not have a close inspection.

For me, the problem around any of these brands of urine is more about the fact that you cannot have complete control over the sample temperature. The heatpads are often poor quality, and if they start to fail, or the external temperature messes up the constant heat, then you have trouble on your hands.

You can pour boiling water over the sample, and this could work, but for me, you can avoid all of these problems by simply buying better synthetic urine.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck cost twice as much as Quick Fix. However, they are twice as good:

  • The formulas are more advanced, so which means there’s less chance of failure
  • Sub Solution and Quick Luck look, smell, and froth like human urine
  • Both of them contain heat activator powder rather than a heatpad

It’s the heatpad thing I really want to focus on at the end of this Quick Fix review. They both use heat activator powder, so don’t use a heatpad at all.

You don’t need a microwave, and just outside the testing lab, you can keep adding the heat activator powder and agitating it, until the temperature raises to where you want it, then you walk in and submit your sample. Far easier than using microwaves, hot water, anything like that.

So look, Quick Fix could be good enough, but if you really want the best guarantee on the market, then Sub Solution or Quick Luck is definitely the way to go.