Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: Is It Better Than Sub Solution?

This Quick Luck synthetic urine review aims to give you everything you need to know about this new premium brand in just five minutes.

Clear Choice urine products are the best on the market, and they already have Sub Solution as their premium brand of fake urine. So now that Quick Luck is being marketed as their premium brand, how is it better than Sub Solution?

So this Quick Luck synthetic urine review will cover everything you need to know about in detail, and also tell you if the extra $20 cost compared to Sub Solution is worth spending.

How Synthetic Urine Works

As long as the pitfalls of using synthetic urine to pass a drug test are avoided, then it’s the most guaranteed way to pass. But you have to have the following things in place for this to happen:

  • Sample must be submitted at the right temperature
  • Sample must contain the same chemicals like real human urine
  • Synthetic urine mustn’t contain biocide (a preservative)
  • It must contain urea, uric acid, and creatine
  • The specific gravity and pH should match human urine range

As long as all those boxes ticked, then you stand a good chance of passing any type of standard drug test. If you are new to synthetic urine, check out this detailed review. Sub Solution definitely ticks all those boxes, which means Quick Luck should as well. But is it better?

Sub Solution vs Quick Luck

What You Get In The Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit

So what is this premium Clear Choice urine product, and what do you get in the Quick Luck premixed urine Kit? Quick Luck is premixed, so you don’t even need water. That may not sound much, but it means you can use it anywhere, you don’t need access to a water source.

It also contains a vial of heat activator powder, so you don’t even need a heatpad. This makes it a brilliant solution for being able to submit a sample literally within five minutes of being told you have too.

Here’s what you get in the Quick Luck premixed urine kit:

  • A bottle of premixed Quick Luck urine
  • A pair of high-quality heatpads that can last up to 8 hours
  • Vial of heat activator powder
  • Full instructions

So you don’t get a lot in the kit, but the power is in the heat activator powder and the premixed urine itself.

Quick Luck Instructions

Quick Luck instructions are really straightforward:

  1. Heat up the premixed urine in the microwave. Alternatively, use the heat activator powder, or alternatively use the heat from the heatpads (that this can take quite a while).
  2. You can then transport the sample to the testing lab. You have two strategies here. You can either heat the sample up prior to leaving, and then keep it warm using the heatpads, or you can just wait until you get to the lab, and then do step three.
  3. Just before you submit your sample, check the temperature. If it is below the threshold to pass as a valid sample (between 90°F 100°F) then add heat activator powder to raise the temperature. If you’ve just taken along a cold sample, just add heat activator powder in small amounts until the temperature rises to within that 10° temperature bracket.

So as you can see, you’ve got all the options using Quick Luck. You get heatpads as an insurance policy, or to keep it warm during transport so heat activator powder has less work to do.

But heat activator powder on its own is more than enough, which makes this stuff brilliant for keeping in a locker at work, or your car if you could face short notice random drug testing.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

So hopefully you can see in this quick Quick Luck synthetic urine review that it is an incredibly powerful solution.

But Quick Luck costs $100, which is a lot of money. Sub Solution isn’t cheap, but it only costs $80, so what makes Quick Luck worth the extra $20?

Sub Solution has the most complex formula available, until now. Quick Luck is an updated solution, so it’s the most modern one based on feedback from drug testing evidence. If you want the ultimate in complexity to pass modern drug testing, Quick Luck has an edge over Sub Solution, but only just.

Both of them have the heat activator powder, so you never have to worry about how long it takes to get to the lab, and you always have the option to heat it up a little more just prior to going into the place you submit your sample at.

But Quick Luck also gives you high-quality heatpads. So you get the heat activator powder, but you’ll also get heatpads to give you the option of a more complex strategy that will ensure that your sample is submitted within the right temperature range.

Plus, as I mentioned, Quick Luck is premixed. Sub Solution is a powder, which means you need water. That extra step could be the difference between success or failure if you are ever called up to submit a sample while at work. With Quick Luck, you literally need two minutes in a toilet cubicle to pour in the heat activator powder.

But that’s not the whole story with Sub Solution, and you can click here to read a detailed review of Sub Solution and make up your own mind if you need to spend the extra $20 or not.

Clear Choice practice kit

Practice With The….Practice Kit

So look, the conclusion of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review is that it is the best synthetic urine you can buy. Sure, is expensive, but you are getting an almost 100% guarantee on passing any level of urine sample drug test.

You also get the ultimate in convenience with the heat activator powder and the complex premixed vial of urine. I want to conclude this review though by also mentioning that you can buy a combo deal of Quick Luck and something called “the practice kit”. You can only get this from the Clear Choice shop.

The practice kit includes everything you need, except the premixed urine. So for a small price, you can use water to practice. You can practice using the heat activator powder, the heatpads can practice transporting it. That way, you have an even more certain chance of getting that sample submitted within the right temperature range.