Does Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Work?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about whether detox drinks work at all, and if they do what they actually achieve. So in this Rescue Cleanse review, I want to tell you about one of the most popular detox drinks you can buy, explain whether it can work, and tell you how good it is.

If you don’t want to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test, which can be the easiest way, but the most stressful, then a detox drink is the next best thing. But there is a bigger margin for error, especially if you don’t allow time to detox in advance, and if you have a very high toxin count.

But you can avoid most of the problems by using a good quality detox drink and following some simple strategies to make it as effective as possible. So let’s tell you if Rescue Cleanse by Clear Choice is a detox drink you can trust, and how you can use it to pass a drug test.

What Is Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink?

Rescue Cleanse is a Clear Choice detox product. Clear Choice is the company who make Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two most chemically advanced and highest quality synthetic urine products you can buy.

So Clear Choice is the real deal when it comes to avoiding drug tests fails. But how does Rescue Cleanse stack up?

Well, Rescue Cleanse detox drink is a full 32 fluid ounce bottle of powerful liquid. It costs around $55, which puts it in the mid-price range for detox drinks.

But for that mid-range price, you don’t get middling performance. Just take a look online, you’ll see thousands of positive reviews on sites like Reddit, YouTube, and specialist forums, from people saying that it helped them to pass a drug test.

How Clear Choice Detox Works

Right at the start of this review, I want to clear up a misconception about how a detox drink works.

Too many people think that a detox drink fully detoxes your body permanently. They believe that simply by drinking the drink, it flushes out drug metabolites and you are then permanently clean, and don’t have to worry about the drug test again unless you take in more toxins.

That’s really not the truth at all. All a detox drink does is:

  • Flushes out the toxins in your bladder
  • Overloads your body with nutrients so they reach the bladder
  • The nutrients in the drink keep the balance of urine natural
  • This clean and naturally balanced urine only last a few hours
  • Once new toxins get into the bladder the effects are gone

So what Rescue Cleanse detox drink actually does is to flush out the toxins and maintain the balance in your urine for a few hours. But once fresh toxins leak into your bladder, then you will fail a drug test again. At best, a detox drink like Clear Choice detox will only give you up to 5 hours clean.

Rescue Cleanse Instructions

 The instructions for Rescue Cleanse are pretty straightforward. You actually don’t need to drink any additional water, which is what a lot of the poor quality detox drinks ask you to do.

However, you are allowed to drink additional water. The key with this detox drink though, and it’s key to all detox drinks, are the first two steps of the Rescue Cleanse instructions outlined here:

  1. Abstain for as long as possible before the day of your drug test. 48 hours is recommended. The longer you can cut out toxins and live healthily, the more drug metabolites that will work their way out of your body, leaving the detox drink less to mask.
  2. Don’t eat for at least four hours before you consume Rescue Cleanse detox drink. Because you have an empty stomach it will flush its way through your system and reach your bladder more quickly, getting rid of the toxins more quickly, and allowing the included nutrients to work their way through your body and balance your urine.
  3. Shake the bottle and then drink the contents of the Clear Choice detox bottle in around 15 minutes.
  4. In the hour after you have completed drinking Rescue Cleanse detox drink, make sure you urinate several times, twice is minimum, so the more you can urinate, the more you are guaranteeing toxins are cleared out. You are allowed to drink a little more water you want to accelerate this process, but don’t drink too much as you will dilute your sample. I would recommend no more than 16 fluid ounces.

Rescue Cleanse instructions

So…Does Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Work?

 If you’re going to spend $55 on a detox drink and put your trust in it to pass a urine sample drug test, especially to get a new job or something like that, then you need to know if Rescue Cleanse works.

I’ve used Rescue Cleanse detox drink in a live drug test 18 months ago. Just before that, I tested it at home because I bought two bottles. I’d bought these two bottles of the same time as Sub Solution, which was my backup plan.

I did a test run first. I drank Rescue Cleanse and did a home drug test kit and passed. A few days later when I had my live test I repeated the process and did another home drug test kit, and passed that. I also passed my pre-employment drug test.

Rescue Cleanse works. Although for an hour afterward, you will have very strange looking urine when you go to the toilet, don’t worry that’s just the drink flushing out your system. After that, your urine should be absolutely clean for at least 2-4 hours.

Is Rescue Cleanse The Best Detox Drink?

Rescue Cleanse is the best detox drink if it works for you. Doing that 48-hour detox beforehand will certainly help, and that applies to any detox drink, as does not take in toxins, and drinking it when you have an empty stomach.

Alternatives are Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex. Mega Clean is good, but not as strong as Rescue Cleanse. It’s great if you can buy it with six pre-rid pills, which you can get bundled up if you buy it online, but I wouldn’t advise you buy it on its own from Walmart.

Ultra Eliminex is more powerful than Rescue Cleanse. It is simply the most powerful detox drink you can buy. However, it usually costs around $80, $30 more than Rescue Cleanse which does a perfectly good job, unless you have incredibly high toxin count.

Mega clean detox


Where To Buy Clear Choice Detox Products

So now you know that it works, I want to conclude this Rescue Cleanse review by telling you that I always buy Clear Choice detox products direct from the company through their website Test Negative.

I buy Rescue Cleanse, Sub Solution, and home drug test kits from them. A single order might cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but for that, you’re getting an insurance policy against passing any type of drug test.

I really do recommend you buy all those things because it allows you to check you’re clean, and also to have a second chance, as well as a backup plan already in your home.Rescue cleanse review